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Merrilat Roofing went above and beyond to replace my roof , for a fair price , in a reasonable time frame. I would consider myself a difficult customer. I question everything and trust no one. Despite my demands they hung in there and were responsive. They answered questions, returned calls, and even came back to make sure I was comfortable with the finished job. The roof looks good. Two separate wind mitigation companies gave positive feedback on the quality of the roof replacement. Great outcome. The "go to" people are either John , the owner, or Brian, the Managing Partner. They both went above and beyond to make sure everything was done right. A roof is a HUGE investment ( unless you are some scammer making your insurance pay for "storm damage") so pick someone who knows what what they are doing and operates with integrity. I would recommend Merillat Roofing.

Brettina Adams

We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Merillat Roofing. We chose Merillat to put a new roof on the Dunedin home we purchased in Jan 2020. We selected them because they offered a competitive price and it was one of those things where we just felt like they cared about their work and we felt they were being straight shooters. This was of concern as the home was built in 1944 and from the inspection we had every reason to believe that we were going to need to spend some money on the structure underneath as well as the shingles. We were very pleased with the work, its appearance and timeliness and clean-up and would recommend Merillat based on that alone.
Fast forward to Nov 2022, we arrive at the home after spending the summer at our primary residence in Maryland. Shortly after, a driving rainstorm caused a leak into the house. Initially perplexed by the problem we called Merillat and they had someone come out. I then thought I had found the source of the leak with a shingle that didn't appear to sit right. They immediately left to get materials and had it fixed within in hour. About 2 months later, another driving rainstorm caused the problem to recur. We again called Merillat and this time, the owner, Brian came out personally. He got on the roof for an up close inspection and made the determination that the original problem that I identified was not the true cause. Once identified, he again came back personally the next day to repair the problem. Not only that, but the water had done some damage to the drywall inside the house. Brian insisted on sending in a drywall contractor to repair the damage at his expense. That contractor was also excellent to work with and did a great job.
All in all, while you never want to have a problem, sometimes they do occur. The best thing one can hope for in that situation is to be working with someone that has the customer concern and integrity to make it right. We could not be more pleased with the way Brian handled the situation and continue to recommend Merillat Roofing to our friends.

Phil Polakoff

After reviewing several companies, we hired Merillat to install our metal roof. Brian, the owner, is responsive and eager to please. There were a few snags/ delays along the way but we could not be more pleased with the final result. We have a beautiful and lasting roof.

Nancy Seltzer

Merillat replaced our roof back in 2017, the process went smoothly, and communication was adequate. The work was done quickly, finished in one day (including replacing 8 sheets of plywood that were damaged from solar pool heater leaks), while similar homes in our neighborhood done by other companies took several days. They did a pretty good job cleaning up, a few nails missed in the yard, but that seems pretty normal. 4 years later and we have not had any issues with the roof. Would recommend.

Christi Dupont

Merillat Roofing did a great job replacing my flat roof. Brian was very kind, responsive and helpful. They were very prompt coming out, giving me an estimate, and with the timeline the work was done. Everyone on staff was respectful and considerate. I also found them to be much more reasonably priced than other estimates I received!

Rose Wyatt

Brian and the team at Merillat Roofing are Honest and Top Notch. Brian went above and beyond for my wife and I during our very difficult situation. The roofing crew was on time, professional and most importantly, they did an incredible job replacing a section of my roof. Merillat roofing has now replaced my entire roof and I would never give my business to another roofing company. They stand by their word.

N gibbs

Rob Norton was excellent to work with. He and the whole team at Merillat roofing are professional. They even installed hurricane clips and brought my home insurance down! I would recommend them for roof repairs as well as replacements.

Ben Anderson

They did an awesome job! I needed a portion of my roof replaced after a leak and they explained in detail and showed me where and why I was having issues. Made the process very smooth and comfortable. They were quick and responsive, reasonable and up front, and had the job signed, sealed, and delivered within just a few days. Very happy with their work and their customer service; would highly recommend! Been a few months and no issues at all!

Mike Jurgovan

As a General Contractor I have used Merillat Roofing on my projects and have been very happy with the high quality of workmanship and finished product they deliver. Brian and his team are always punctual and quick to respond to any concerns. They are true professionals that provide excellent value for your hard earned money.
When it came time to replace the roof on my home, of course, Merillat was the one to get it done. They installed architectural shingles on the slopes areas and a sloped foam board and TPO system on the flat areas. As usual it is a Top Notch product. As I am now a Building Inspector, I would know. They were on time, on schedule, and on budget with no sudden billing surprises. Brian's crew was polite and courteous, and did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves. Thank you Brian and crew, for another fantastic job!

Camie V

Brian and crew are amazing! Very responsive and high quality work! I will continue using Merillat roofing for all my roofing needs.

Mark Young